"Bear Basics & Beyond"

Bear Basics & Beyond will inspire, and help you on your bear making journey- what ever that is for you. Mastering the bear making basics or finding the best way to package and promote your own designs this book will be an invaluable guide 

  Bears Basics and Beyond is the book veteran bear artist Helen Gleeson always wanted to buy, but could never find. So she wrote it herself. Now you have a complete and inspirational guide to making beautiful bears which covers everything from the initial concept to the final marketing and promotion of your own special bear collection. Helen guides you through your choice and collection of supplies and shows you the difference between real fur, synthetic fur, alpaca, suede, leather and all the threads, sinews and stuffing you'll need to make a beautiful teddy bear. You'll learn all there is to know about every bear making tool: the scissors, the forceps, the pliers, the awl, the brushes, the needles essential to your artistry. You'll be taken step by step, carefully and clearly, along the path of construction with scores of images and patterns which separate out each individual little task and make each one simple and easy to follow. Finally, Helen goes over with you a business plan and the subsequent marketing and promotion of your own personal bear collection through shows, websites, blogs, magazines and networking. You have every single thing you need in these pages to become successful in business or pleasure as the creator of beautiful teddy bears. Happy stitching!

   Bear Basics and Beyond, written by the experienced Australian Artist Helen Gleeson, is a complete guide both for beginners and advanced teddy bear makers. The guide covers everything from the very first steps to practical advices on marketing, promotion and selling a bear collection. The clearly structured book contains chapters about teddy bear making basic fur (with emphasis on real fur / vintage garments). basic stitches, joints, eyes, threads, stuffing, (clay)noses, scissors and other tools and how to organise those supplies.

Furthermore future teddy bear artists with find very comprehensive advise on finding one's own style and design, selling and pricing bear creations, time management and on the use of the internet,E-shops, Blogs and social media. It also explains how to get in touch with collectors and the press.

Bear Basics and Beyond is a lovely guide, easy to understand and full of insperation. It also contains two patterns for really amazing bears. No matter whether you want to be a teddy bear artist or hobby teddy bear maker.No matter whether you are a beginner or experienced, this book offers valuable and interesting advice for everyone.

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Kathy Martin editor Teddy Bar Annual UK
Helen Gleesons Bear Basics & Beyond is not just a comprehensive guide to bear making,it is also a visual delight which reflects the fine aesthetic sensibilities of the author.

Drawing on her experience as an award-winning bear artist, Helen has written a book that takes novice bear makers through every step of the creative process, demystifying technique and terminology with her lucid text and plenty of helpful illustrations. So uncomplicated and enticing are her instructions that readers are likely to want to begin bear making immediately and to get them started Helen has included two patterns with full instructions.

Once caught the bear making bug can be addictive and after a certain amount of trial and error, successful new bear artist try to sell their work. Helen has anticipated this by including a great deal of relevant and helpful advice in and "beyond"section of the book. She covers off attending shows, photographing bears, packaging them, creating websites, writing a blog, accepting orders and much else besides.

In summery Bear Basics & Beyond is a beautifully presented, well conceived and executed book, which can not fail to inspire would-be bear makers.

Email from a happy Bear Basics & Beyond Reader
Having received you book for Christmas I am encouraged to follow my passion and work towards becoming a bear artist, so thank you for the inspiration, passion and encouragement contained the Bear Basics & Beyond.
Regards Nia-Maria